Memorable Monologue: Internet Dating Sites

Ellen talked to her audience about the new and interesting ways to meet people online.

These are some of the weirdest and out of the ordinary dating sites on the web. Subscribe to our channel: ——————————…

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50 Responses

  1. FOUAD HIPROCK says:

    Ellen , plz do the Ice Bucket challenge you’re nominated by justin bieber !

  2. Oliver Freeze says:

    Has anyone else noticed the new noice it makes when you like a comment???

  3. Simon Credible says:

    Ellen please accept Justin bieber ASL ice bucket challenge

  4. Peter Petelski says:

    **Usually ELLEN shows are Funny..
    **And this monologue is Hilariously Funny..
    **Enjoy — Thank you..

  5. Lily Petteway says:

    Justin Bieber nominated you to do the ice bucket challenge.

  6. Vinnie Takair says:


  7. lori25hu says:


  8. mira fraij says:

    first like

  9. Sophie with an E says:

    There’s a dating website for people who are ghosts or vampires

  10. Sonam Pelden says:

    Ellen, do the ALS Ice bucket challenge :)

  11. Gabriel Lee says:


  12. Mimi Apple says:

    Bring back Sophia grace and rosie!!!

  13. angie chanels says:


  14. The Guy That's Done Everything says:

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    I even found a couple random strangers that were willing to go out with me
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  15. Da Boom says:

    Under 301 :D

  16. SuuzieQ says:

    OK this is kinda funny.. first she asked how many have a date night and one
    particular woman in a black sweater in the second row on the left, puts her
    hand up in a doubtful way. Then she asks how may are in a relationship and
    again this woman puts her hand in the air xD So that means she’s kinda
    cheating lol

  17. Love promises says:

    Ellen do the Ice Bucket challenge!! You were nominated by Justin Bieber
    and Dan Brazilian 🙂
    Love u btw

  18. CN Syllable says:

    Enough of the ice bucket challenge already. I’m pretty sure after the
    10000000 comments on the challenge, as well as social media and etc, she’s
    heard of it.

  19. HelikerX says:

    why does the video stop when she says “watch me dance” all the time

  20. LibreVisionNetwork says:

    Come On Remember Peeps, If U Got a Twitter, PLEASE Give Me Helping Hand &
    #Follow my Tweets @314LoveMachine 

  21. Margarette Feliciano says:

    I saw a commercial for the farmers only one o.O

  22. leaevain says:

    What is the Ice Bucket challenge that is everyone is talking about ??
    (sorry I’m french)

  23. Robert Yang says:

    Farmers one has commercials all the time now and they’re successfull, probs
    cuz of Ellen XDX dD

  24. Bram van Heijnsbergen says:

    dont forget the Ice Bucket challenge you’re nominated by Dan Brazilian!

  25. David Blaze says:

    check my channel i remixed shrek 8 with the sims 1337, turned out to be
    pretty [MLG]

  26. Nero MC says:

    What the fuq did I just watch?

  27. BranckaD.LP says:

    It’s so punny I am gonna die

  28. Mike Garcia says:

  29. BootyRockingEverywhere says:

    I’m dying to say something about the furry one but everyone has their thing

  30. Hikaru Kimaru says:

    *Waiting for the furry hating comments*

    Ahhhhh the goodness

  31. Radioactive Snake says:

    the diaper mates one…… *shudders*

  32. ReimuHakureiShrine says:

    Shouldn’t the brony dating site be here?

  33. Steampunk Juggernaught says:

    I love how everyone is calling this stuff “Werid” or “Odd”. Most of these
    sites are people who have Fantasies or something they have a Fetish to I
    guess. But in the Society we have today it doesn’t suprise me that a bunch
    of these assholes are in the comments, then again, it is the Internet.

  34. Ivan Resendiz says:

    Amish dating site?? How can any Amish get on it if they don’t have

  35. Dashed says:

    How can i even respond to all these dating things.
    Plainly amazed

  36. GlokmahGaming says:

    if you see this you will not click on my name.
    im watching!

  37. Insanity "Insane" Dreams says:

    There’s need to be a otaku dating site (dot) com lol 

  38. Nexplosion RotMG says:

    When the furry fandom goes too far.

    Like who the hell wants to kiss a Anthromorphic wolf?

    Oh, 20k people are subbed to /r/yiff. Shit.

  39. Zellafy says:

    Some if these weren’t even weird

  40. Devlin F says:

    Is . . . that . . . the Stig?! 2:41

  41. PanDaL0v3r11 says:

    How do Amish people get on that website w/o electricity?

  42. alixinthemiddle says:

    is it weird that i thought the weirdest one was the sailor site?

  43. Aaron Brown says:

    The furry one… Harsh…

  44. Jason Hubbs says:

    No wonder I’m single.

  45. Carol Manyen says:

    I can finally find my Amish partner!

  46. Eve Lynch says:

    That last one…….. that’s enough YouTube today. Already spent 7 hours on
    it….. lel

  47. CalmYourFlippers says:

    Erm… Okayyy ._.

  48. James O'Brien says:

    I would like to know how many people watched this and then went on one of
    the websites to find a date.

  49. Jennifer Williams says:

    …..? What? This is…interesting……..I’d never use a-any of these…*
    cough *

    * goes to vampirepassions . com *

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