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Plenty of Fish – Bad way to Date

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From the Meek to the Nasty. This is my survival guide to 10 types of Women that can have you reaching for a hankie and your wallet at the same time.

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43 Responses

  1. MrBodypro8 says:

    Me so solly

  2. CrankItEveryDay says:

    POF sucks, all the girls are either ugly, fat, have kids, or a mixture of all three! Also all of them want long term and refuse to have a little “sexy time” which sucks, I always end up just jerking off to porn after 2 days of dealing with those bitches.

  3. JobberBud says:

    This was witty and awesome commentary – “B.O. and lightning.”

  4. Supersmooth007 says:

    I couldnt agree more – women just are happy to create profiles and receive messages like “Heya babe, hi hun, hey sexc, hi gawjus, ows it hangin, wassup darlin, let’s chat, elo hottie” etc”! – the women want their egos stroked thats all! 40% are prostitutes anyway and the rest are damaged goods or come in excess baggage with 5 children and are fat and ugly these women just want a sugar daddy to top up their bank account!

  5. AlluringAmorda says:

    You are hysterical! In a good way! 🙂

  6. MsNatClaire says:

    Not bad. But what guys don’t get is that most of the girls get discouraged too, by the lack of intelligence. So many ‘hi’s or ‘how r u?’s get annoying.

  7. Keith Roane says:

    This site works really well for me here in Burnaby BC. Got a lot of women fucked up in my bachelor pad. Plenty of Fish has got a lot of easy to get Asian fishes! Even if I am 53, they still hook up for the ride. What can I say then?

  8. b0b0ce1 says:

    I moved to a new city and put up a profile to meet new people and single men. I’ve met some not so cool people and some cool people. I’ve dated two very nice guy. I fell in love with one of the two guys I dated and moved in with him. We’ve been a great pair ever since!

    It’s really a hit or miss.. but for me, I hit it!

  9. dwsfl2010 says:

    I think POF has a lot of pretty asian gals because i know a very active member there, TALLWINEMAN from Burnaby British Comlumbia who is able to bring atleast 3 women at home a week just thru that site. Even with a fake profile that he is 49 years old (real age 53) he is pretty successful in catching so many “Asian” fishes there. He must have studied how to charm women from youtube

  10. alergic2bs says:

    POF = bunch of trolls with inflated egos cause they get 30+ messages from guys saying how beautiful and hot they are

  11. Lowenwolf1 says:

    Newest thing today, POF women make profiles to attract men just so they can turn them down or be terrible to them… so they feel special… Attention is a Drug an women will go to extremes to get it!!!

  12. how2skateboardsite says:

    Los Angeles has so many stupid but extremely gorgeous hoes. They are just lost in there vanity. Fuck you you stupid ass dum bitches… lol. Real world is the best !

  13. srspower says:

    This guys message is true but at the same time personally i use POF in conjunction with real life meeting women. Since christmas i’ve had a lot of sex mostly with ‘real life’ women i have encoutnered who were pretty hot. POF has been useful to meet average women. I have got sucked off by two women and wanked off by another (tonights date) in the last 2 weeks from POF.

  14. baphometstech says:

    Thats actually good advice. 

  15. antdogg887 says:

    POF is full of shit!
    that dating site has lots of single moms looking for their children’s daddies and also that site has lots of girls who like hardcore stuff like ecstasy and meth!!
    fuck POF.. it’s a waste of time! I’d rather keep hitting the clubs and bars… lol

  16. Answerquestions1 says:

    I love POF, I have in average 1 date a week, and the best thing is that POF and salsa clases ae not mutauly exclucive, you can have both.

  17. HaddyDaddy19 says:

    Pof lol I just realize dat most of these women do have bachelors degree on dere n are single that should be a red flag.

  18. yanisushi11 says:

    Your very handsome guy. And funny..

  19. BluCosmos says:

    POF is shit.

  20. zeriul09 says:

    plenty of fish isnt for me, i met my wife through world of warcraft, but my sister found her husband on POF so it does work, tried it when i was single , was aload of crap

  21. MarcoTUV says:

    wjhat about that middle age divorced women that only enter to recieve all compliments of hundreds of desesperate men but never date with anyone?

  22. TCPH says:


  23. MrBodypro8 says:

    Sorry have to leave @ 1:54

  24. MrBodypro8 says:

    Wonk wonk wonk wonk wonk

  25. Matt Senior says:

    He’s hilarious

  26. TheUnreaI says:

    He sounds like Moss from the I.T Crowd!!! 😀

  27. cheeesefunnel says:


  28. Seymour Sportscards says:

    I’m on POF ladies 🙂

  29. 19smokey19 says:

    fat and separated with kids  its another turn off…

  30. 19smokey19 says:

    Its just luck finding the right one, all sites are the same people can be who they want, most women get men asking for sex its what puts em off its why they find men hard to trust…. i been single 4 yrs till i met my girl been together now a year its been great… best to try tagged.com .. or person.com.if you like live cam chat. they free sites… plenty fish is waste of time… good luck everyone…

  31. sociopathpsych says:

    i met a girl on pof who was also on a sex site. she didn’t cheat per se, but she was sexting other guys and sending pics.

  32. sierra may says:

    You shouldn’t be on dating sites..coz men they just want a free shag or random shag! thats why they are there..i really don’t agree on this video totally…women sometimes wants to be pampered, you need to know the flow of being a woman…if you know how to treat a woman right then i think they will treat you good…

  33. thendakor says:

    OMG talk about putting the fear of god into me. That’s really put me off online dating or even women in general. Forever alone

  34. trimp silon says:

    stop being so curious its not gonna go no where if your on a dating site out of curiosity its gonna lead to drug use

  35. trimp silon says:

    this sites just a different way for spammers to get on

  36. trimp silon says:

    iv said this kinda stuff so many times and its never changed anything.

  37. trimp silon says:

    its easy for me to say cuz this isnt gonna attract woman in a jealous frenzy . dont matter to me

  38. trimp silon says:

    life isnt just about sex and finding your next pussy to have sex with its about more its about fun losers do that that shouldnt be your life goal .

  39. trimp silon says:

    im being sarcastic lol

  40. trimp silon says:

    il buy it for you im a horny loser

  41. finnmitzy says:

    OMG!!! this guy has never had more than one girlfriend!!!!!! and she must of owned a mini skirt!!!

  42. trimp silon says:

    good luck

  43. Olivia2011ish says:

    Creepy Faggot!!

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