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Zoosk “Dart Player” Commercial • Steve Olson


Our hilarious commercial was BANNED in Europe for featuring a dart hit! A friend’s “set-up” turns into an epic dating FAIL when a random dude gets pegged by a dart. She should have used Zoosk instead!

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40 Responses

  1. nacilok says:

    the picture is stretched!!

  2. Andy T says:


  3. ScaredByChairs says:

    Press 6 over and over again and it just gets funnier each time. XD

  4. nathanrayne says:

    i dont know, i prefer this version, type in, meet your cell mate at zoosk.

  5. jeffhale42 says:

    I’m getting stupid loose

  6. benkilledit says:

    Many dart games are played where a double is required to win, 40 is a very common double to shoot at and is commonly referred to double top, they humorously changed to to mountain top

  7. blackcanaryhuntress says:

    @Karmilda what u talkin about press 6

  8. amandamorganxoxo says:


  9. Traponomics1017 says:

    what dont u get ?? he throws a dart and completely misses and hits a guy in the chest…what dont u get?

  10. mendezj512 says:

    I don’t know is this a real sponsor?

  11. andyydna101 says:

    I don’t get the mountaintop part

  12. drwhofan981 says:

    Bulls Eye

  13. dapunisher1000 says:

    MOUNTAIN TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  14. bigbourke says:


  15. BerkeleyBuilt says:

    i want her.

  16. itzzaustinnugguhhh says:

    Press 6 really fast

  17. KidMoneyFresh420 says:

    0:16 MOUTAIN TOP

  18. BlossomGirl18419 says:

    lol this is the best zoosk commercial yet. cracks me up everytime i see it and it never gets old.

  19. WEEZYwii100 says:

    hit 14 over and over

  20. THEATLANTEAN4 says:

    i just saw this commercial and about pissed myself, lol……….thanks for posting this. i can’t help but wonder if women think of the same types of things a lot of guys do prior to going out……….guys say “i’m headed out to get some poontang”……….i wonder if girls get all dolled up, and say to themselves (or to eachother) “lets go out and get some dick!”

  21. blakkjack21 says:

    I’m gettin stupid loose!!! Guess it wasn’t enough just to get loose. kakakow! Mountain Top! Yeah, that’s what all pro dart players say before they throw a dart.

  22. MrRellyboi says:

    Naw hit 14 hahah lol

  23. MrJojomonkeys says:

    press 6 over and over haha lol

  24. Daltinoloco says:

    Press 6

  25. Karmilda says:


  26. ehague16 says:

    Make a video of just the guy hitting the table

  27. NOODLE69ish says:

    everyone, keep pressing “6”

  28. JanitorAntisocial says:

    I love commercials that are hilarious, yet don’t convince me to use their product in the slightest.

  29. SGTItachi47 says:

    It wouldn’t be nearly as incredible without the “kaka-KOW!”, “Mountain Top!”, The Dude’s expression, or the way he hits his head on the table when he falls.

  30. beatboxinfool says:

    There is a reason this video is in my favorites! It makes me laugh so much!

  31. jamesofab says:

    Still one of the best videos on youtube

  32. Cody Mejia says:


  33. illmaticstatic93 says:


  34. lilwaynelover51 says:

    I love the reaction to guy that gets stabbed with the dart… that is priceless… LMFAO

  35. iloveesoftballl says:

    Kakakow!!! Lololololllll best part ever!!!!!!!

  36. programaster says:

    Preeeeetty sure I saw this in the UK.

  37. 99iconicboyz says:

    KEKECOW!!!! This is the best!!!!

  38. TheLionSeth says:

    88 people got hit on the mountain top with a dart.

  39. jjohnnyyo says:

    Its!!!….not Friday yet…

  40. 928rsmith says:

    the guy slamming his head on the table for no apparent reason… gets me everytime XD

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